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2022-2025 Strategic Plan

OFCY conducts extensive strategic planning every three years to develop a Strategic Investment Plan for the following three-year funding cycle. The plan identifies target populations to be served, objectives, strategies, evaluation measures, and funding allocations, and is a requirement specified in the Oakland City Charter.


In 2021, OFCY is developing the next Strategic Investment Plan for Fiscal Years 2022-2025 (July 1 2022 through June 30 2025), and following steps outlined in the City of Oakland’s Racial Equity Implementation Guide.


Efforts began with a presentation and training by the Department of Race & Equity's Director Darlene Flynn on centering racial equity at the heart of the planning process at their December 2020 meeting. The work has continued in January and February 2021 with POC revision to OFCY's Vision and Mission statements, establishing Guiding Principles, and forming an ad-hoc Strategic Planning subcommittee to provide leadership to the work. 


Community Engagement 

In March, OFCY began community outreach with targeted events and focus groups, as well as interviews with key stakeholders. The community engagement work will continue in April with two community forums, more focus groups, and a community survey, and with two town-hall events in May 2021. There will be many opportunities for people to engage and provide input in the planning work. For more information email

The goals of the four March community workshops are:

  • To learn about the strengths and needs of Oakland’s youth, with an emphasis on the needs of youth and families living in high stress neighborhoods
  • Hear directly from groups most impacted by social and economic inequities and inequalities (i.e. Black and Latin families) about their strengths, needs and priorities
  • Provide a platform for OFCY to share information with and gather community member input on new ideas for OFCY strategies and role


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