Vision Statement

All children and youth in Oakland will thrive and have the support of the entire community to lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

Mission Statement

We provide strategic funding to support Oakland's children and youth from birth to 20 years of age to become healthy, happy, educated, engaged, powerful and loved community members.  Leveraging our efforts with partners for greater collective impact towards social and economic equity, we build the capacity of community agencies to work together to fully develop each child's potential, achieve positive outcomes, and promote the positive contributions of children and youth to Oakland's greatness.

Values Statements

Social and Economic Equity - All children and youth have a fundamental right for a safe and healthy life and a quality education. We value the vigorous promotion of equality, justice and accountability, and the concerted application of our resources toward those youth in greatest need.

Child and Youth Development - We support efforts to promote the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development of children to instill individual and community pride and leadership. We believe that youth development requires the collective responsibility of the community and the active engagement of family and caregivers for children and youth to achieve their full expression of potential.

Community and Collaboration- We embrace the idea that by pooling our resources and working together, we can accomplish great things. We support strengthening families within our communities to make our children and our city strong. We see that the wellbeing of our youth is dependent on the strength of their families, and the strength of the families is dependent upon the strength of the community. Strong communities can provide stability in a time of change in the lives of children and youth and help them grow into loving and powerful adults.

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