Contract Documents

The following documents are necessary to complete a contract amendment with the City of Oakland. If you have questions or concerns about these policies, contact Janice Edwards at jedwards@oaklandnet.com, Scott Kim at sskim@oaklandnet.com, or Terry Hill at thill@oaklandnet.com.

FY2018 - 2019 Required Documents 

  1. FY2018 - 2019 Contract Amendment Documents Checklist

  2. Combined Grants Schedule

  3. Schedule Q Insurance Requirements

  4. Schedule N-Subs

  5. Proof of Insurance 

  6. Oakland Business Tax Certificate (City and State grantees are not required to submit this document)  

  7. Pre-Contract Disclosure

Additional Information

  1. OFCY Second Grant Amendment Instructions FY2018-2019

  2. Cityspan Instructions for Rollover and Setup for FY2018-2019

  3. Additional Cityspan resources including recorded webinars and user manual