Contract Documents

FY2019 - 2020 Required Documents 

The following documents are necessary to complete a contract amendment with the City of Oakland. If you have questions or concerns about these policies, contact Kia Wallace at kwallace@oaklandca.gov, Scott Kim at sskim@oaklandca.gov, or Terry Hill at thill@oaklandca.gov.

FY2019 - 2020 Contract Amendment Documents Checklist

  1. Three copies of the signed contract each with original signatures in blue ink.

  2. Cityspan Activities Scope of Work 

  3. Cityspan Budget 

  4. Combined Grants Schedule

  5. Schedule E Project Consultant Team 

  6. Schedule N-Subs

  7. Schedule O Campaign Contributions

  8. Schedule Q Insurance Requirements

  9. Schedule W

  10. Proof of Insurance 

  11. Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO) Certificate of Compliance

  12. Personnel Policy (If your agency does not have an EBO Certificate issued by the City of Oakland, please submit the Benefits section of the Personnel Policy demonstrating equal benefits are made available to all employees.)

  13. Oakland Business Tax Certificate (City and State grantees are not required to submit this document)

  14. IRS Letter of Non-Profit Status 

  15. Pre-Contract Disclosure