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OFCY in partnership with Oakland ReCAST and Be the Change, is excited to offer a series of trauma-informed trainings to our grantee community! Our goal is to increase and or enhance your ability to provide, coordinate and/or collaborate with each other, in the provision of trauma informed and culturally relevant services and activities for children, youth, and families. We HIGHLY encourage you all to attend. The first ten participants to register and attend each of the first five trainings, will receive FREE curriculum!


Be The Change Consulting, LLC. (BTC) is a woman-owned and people of color-operated, capacity-building firm that specializes in connecting trauma informed practice to youth development models. Over the past 15 years, BTC has developed a highly interactive process for capacity building that centers the wisdom and lived experience of the service providers we seek to empower. We believe that capacity building and cross sector collaboration moves at the speed of trust. 


Culturally Responsive Supervision

Date & Time: July 14, 2022 - 10:00-12:30pm

Location: Virtual - Zoom

Audience: Supervisors

As our country exploded with a dual health and race pandemic, how were staff with various positional power within your organization supported to navigate a turbulent context? What are the expectations for employee performance and deliverables when one is dealing with personal, systemic, or societal trauma? In this session, we will discuss brain science on how the presence of the stress hormone cortisol- impacts one's cognitive functioning ability. We will then unpack supervision strategies to see a trauma shape impacting a staff member, name it with compassion versus pathology, and develop a plan for support and performance.

Session Objectives: Discuss how de-centering DOMINANT CULTURE can make room for new gifts and strengths to emerge. Work to DISMANTLE beliefs about “high-performing” vs “low-performing” employees. Learn from the Be the Change “Supervision for Equitable Employee Development FRAMEWORK”. Make a plan to INTEGRATE culturally responsive techniques into our supervision.


Approaches to Decision-Making

Date & Time: July 28, 2022 - 10:00-12:30pm

Location: Virtual - Zoom

Audience: All Staff

All of us, regardless of role, make tons of decisions in our work-day. Knowing how we approach our decisions can help one understand their work-style and the work-styles of others, and expand our capacity to think and choose using different perspectives.

In this session, participants will learn four approaches to decision-making, identify how to work with those whose decision-making styles differ from their own, and analyze how team dynamics play out given the various styles of their own team members.


Trauma Literacy 101

Date & Time: August 11, 2022 - 10:00-12:30pm

Location: Virtual - Zoom

Audience: All Staff

Trauma, whether individual (like an assault or abuse) or systemic, (such as poverty and racism) has an impact on how young people see themselves, which in turn impacts their sense of self-worth and efficacy. How do we support youth impacted by trauma to work through negative internalized messages to become productive and caring citizens? In this workshop we will unpack how systemic trauma disproportionately impacts kids of color, how it shapes an individual and impacts their sense of choice and share concrete strategies to structure authentic community engagement opportunities to re-shape youth into active citizens of the world.

In this workshop participants will: Develop a working definition of trauma. Understand how trauma impacts an individual on a somatic level.
Learn a process to hold space for young people who have been shaped by trauma. Use a values reflection exercise as a strategy to build one’s capacity to rebuild intimate connections. Experience a group resiliency strategy.


Trauma Literacy 101 OFCY/ReCast


Restorative Conflict Resolution

Date & Time: August 25, 2022 - 10:00-12:30pm

Location: Virtual - Zoom

Audience: YD Orgs: Program Staff, Coordinators, Managers

Participants will grapple with age-old questions of behavior guidance. How do we motivate our youth to make positive behavior choices when they really don’t want to! How do we reframe conflict as learning opportunities to deepen our ability to form strong relationships and nurture skill development? By shifting our questions from a focus on ‘what rules were broken’ to ‘who was harmed in our community’, restorative practices offer a pathway to repair trust and rebuild relationships after conflict. This training builds on the youth development principles of engagement, skill-building, and community involvement. Participants will learn simple and creative strategies to prevent conflict, intervene during the conflict, and restore relationships after conflict.


Restorative Conflict Resolution


Healing Centered Case Management: Creative, Resourceful and Whole

Date & Time: September 8, 2022 - 10:00-12:30pm

Location: Virtual - Zoom

Audience: TAY Orgs, Highschool Orgs, Case Managers, Program Staff

Young people are all too often told what to do, instead of being engaged in dialogue to support their own analysis, reflection, and choice-making. Ultimately each of us wants to live a life that we design ourselves, grounded in our own core values, wrapped in our unique sense of identity, and fueled by our own dreams and visions. This training will provide practitioners with tools to build the skills of abstract thinking, situation-analysis, creative problem solving, goal setting, and intrinsic motivation for long-term sustainable change.

In this workshop participants will: Unpack a framework to understand the impact of trauma and stress on young people’s ability to self-actualize, delay gratification, and create a “future self”, and learn strategies to support youth to identify who they are at their essence by naming core values. Practice coaching techniques to build young people’s skills in abstract thinking, situation-analysis, and creative problem solving. Use coaching exercises to help youth set goals and bring to life the future self they envision for themselves. Experience a peer coaching exercise to transform a group of youth into peer coaches in order to support each other to better see their own issues from various perspectives. Facilitation as a Practice for Equity, Inclusion, and Power-Sharing.


9/8 Session


Facilitation as a Practice for Equity, Inclusion, and Power-Sharing

Date & Time: September 22, 2022 - 10:00-4:00pm

Location: In-Person (Address included in Registration)

Audience: All Staff

Join us and step deeper into your power as a facilitator! Antiracist facilitation thrives on a collaborative culture at work where power is shared and decisions are made together. These skills are an antiracist pivot away from dominant culture values like individualism and power hoarding. As facilitators, we have so much power to change organizational culture with our teams.

Together, in this session, we will: Learn the Be the Change Methodology for INCLUSIVE facilitation. Understand how to listen for spoken and unspoken needs. PRACTICE holding process goals alongside session outcomes.

Register in advance for this meeting: 

Facilitation as a Practice for Equity, Inclusion, and Power- Sharing- OFCY Tickets, Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

If you have any questions regarding the trainings, please contact Kia Wallace at


Featured Tools & Resources


Every Hour Counts

Every Hour Counts is pleased to announce the release of our Return to School Guide, a collection of resources that emerged from the field's collective pivot to ensure that the transition back to school this fall met the needs of young people, their families, and their communities. 

These resources reflect the responsiveness of our network and other national organizations and demonstrate how afterschool systems are primed to support young people and their persistence amidst missed learning and enrichment opportunities.

The guide showcases 45 resources and will to continue to grow as we surface the artifacts our network and national organizations created to help afterschool intermediaries, providers, educators, families, and community leaders ensure that young people are set up to thrive this school year and beyond--in spite of the shared trauma experienced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and escalated racial violence and reckoning.

Racial Equity

Building a New Generation of Equity through Policy Change developed by Youthprise, is a multi-year, youth-centered, and youth-informed policy agenda within three key impact areas—learning & leadership, economic opportunity, and health & safety—that will give rise to a new generation of equity.

Practitioner Support

The Unseen Essential Industry from Denver Afterschool Alliance tells the compelling story of the critical work Out-of-School Time providers have played during the pandemic, with spotlights on local providers and their stories from the field.


Elevate Community Center

Elevate Community Center works to promote self-sufficiency and financial stability in historically underserved communities by providing education and legal services. Our offerings include financial literacy workshops and counseling, as well as legal services aimed to remove barriers to employment and housing (criminal record expungement, record sealing, appeals for wrongful denial of housing and employment, as well as legal services for small businesses). We are based in Santa Clara County, but provide services to surrounding counties such as Alameda, Contra Costa, Merced, San Joaquin, and San Francisco. We currently provide legal services to many Alameda county residents, and have working partnerships with agencies providing services to Alameda county such as Five Keys, FLY, and Defy Ventures. 

Services can be requested directly online at or by calling 408-357-9538. Thank you.





InPlay: Fill your classes: list in Oakland's new Activity Guide

InPlay is a non-profit partner with the City of Oakland, OUSD and the Oakland Summer Learning Network connecting families with out-of-school programs. Visit the site at: Parents search InPlay's free website to access hundreds of local and affordable after-school and summer programs. Email to get listed.