Grant Policies


Grantee Manual

Please click here for OFCY's FY2019-2020 Grant Manual


Site Visit Monitoring Tool

Please click here for OFCY's Site Visit Monitoring Tool. 


Supporting Documentation for Invoicing

OFCY requires grantees to upload supporting documentation for the following budget categories: Personnel, Subcontractors, and Youth Wages & Stipends. Please click here for more information

Matching Fund Requirements

Please click here for OFCY's Matching Fund Requirements.

Grant Renewal Policy

Please click here for FY2016-2019 OFCY's Grant Renewal Policy.

Release of Information

Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) funds an annual independent evaluation to see if its programs are making a difference and how they can be improved. As part of the evaluation, all OFCY funded programs are responsible for securing a consent-to-participate in evaluation activities from clients they enroll in an OFCY funded programs.


For your OFCY-funded program, you are required to have every enrolled client (and their parent, guardian, or other legally authorized representative if a minor) sign a Release of Information Form giving consent to being evaluated by the City and the designated evaluation consultant, including sharing information with and from Oakland Unified School District.


Programs in the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation funding strategy will be exempt from requiring the parents of children in child development centers and Head Start programs from completing this form, as primary services are provided to teachers rather than the children directly.


Program participants only have to fill out the Release of Information once for their participation in your program. They do not have to complete the Release of Information every fiscal year if they return to your program. 


Please contact your grant monitor directly with any questions regarding this contractual requirement.


Click on the appropriate form below.

For youth participants under the age of 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the OFCY Release of Information.

Youth participants age 18 - 21 years old can sign on their own behalf using the forms below. Adult participants (age 22+) served through OFCY's early childhood strategies should sign the form below.