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OFCY Oakland Kids First! History


The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) was established in November 1996, when 75% of Oakland’s voters passed the Kids First! Initiative (Measure K), amending the City Charter to set aside funds to support direct services to youth through 21 years of age for a twelve-year period.

Oakland voters reauthorized the Kids First! Initiative in 2009 for a second twelve-year period, and required a Three-Year Strategic Investment Plan to guide the allocation of funds. The fund was reauthorized again by City Council in 2020 for a third 12-year period.

The first grants awarded by OFCY in 1998 supported 39 programs and provided nearly $5 million in annual funding. In 2019, OFCY is providing nearly $20 million in annual grants to support 154 programs. Over the past 21 years, OFCY has awarded over 2,200 annual grants totaling over $237 million in funding for direct services to children and youth.



What is OFCY 

The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) is a program of the City of Oakland, and is housed in the Children and Youth Services Division of the Human Services Department. As the largest grant-funding program within the City of Oakland, OFCY's funding for community-based programs and services provides critical support to Oakland's most vulnerable children, youth and families.   



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