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OFCY Oakland Kids First! History


The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) was established in November 1996, when 75% of Oakland’s voters passed the Kids First! Initiative (Measure K), amending the City Charter to set aside funds to support direct services to youth through 21 years of age for a twelve-year period.

Oakland voters reauthorized the Kids First! Initiative in 2009 for a second twelve-year period, and requiring a Three-Year Strategic Investment Plan to guide the allocation of funds.

The Fund can be reauthorized for a third 12-year term in 2019-2020. Section 1307 of the Oakland City Charter states that the fund may be extended for an additional twelve years beginning July 1 2021 by a simple majority vote of the City Council. If the City Council does not itself extend this section, then the City Council shall place the question of whether to extend this section on the November 2020 ballot for a vote of the electorate. This process will be repeated every twelve years or until reauthorization is rejected by a vote of the electorate.

The first grants awarded by OFCY in 1998 supported 39 programs and provided nearly $5 million in annual funding. In 2019, OFCY is providing nearly $20 million in annual grants to support 154 programs. Over the past 21 years, OFCY has awarded over 2,200 annual grants totaling over $237 million in funding for direct services to children and youth.


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