Grantees Highlights

Here are some highlights from a few of our OFCY funded programs for 2021-2022!


Alameda Health System, Oakland Health Careers Collaborative
HEAL Program

Applications for the HEAL Program will be opening starting September 6, 2021! Apply here

HEAL Program Flyer 2021 2022

A HEAL student intern recently used her “Stop the Bleed” training to help save her neighbors life after he was a victim of gun violence. The HEAL student learned to use a tourniquet and why it was important. When the HEAL intern was in the position to help her neighbor who was shot in the arm, she placed the belt just below the shoulder. 



Prescott Circus Theatre, Summer Circus and Academic Program

Prescott Circus Theatre children and youth participants recently held their Summer 2021 Show outdoors! 

Screenshot 2021 08 06 114734



Attitudinal Healing Connection
West Oakland Legacy Project 

Distribution of Art Kits in FY 2020-2021 allowed students to have a hands on, interactive experience creating art. Students embrace the joy of finding and expressing their creativity and bringing paper, clay and canvas to life with color. Participants’ art was put on display at the Annual Exhibition which showcases student work from each site. The program created an inspirational spring of hope for students in the midst of the COVID-19 desert.

Nikko Cabrerra Legacy 12th grade Age 19