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All Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) grantees are required to use the Cityspan online database system to report participant and service data and submit quarterly progress reports including invoices. The data collected will be used for the purposes of evaluating program and fund performance. 


FY2022-2023 Cityspan Grant Management System (GMS)

OFCY and Cityspan is excited to present a newly designed Grant Management System (GMS) for the FY2022-2023. The system retains many of the functions and features of the old system but with a new design and user interface. Some parts of the system are still being built out and tested and will be released in stages. OFCY will communicate to grantees when new sections of the GMS have been released and invite them to trainings. The trainings will be recorded and published here. 



Click on the feature name below to view a recorded presentation. 

NEW! Versioning - This is the process you use to request Scope of Work modifications through Cityspan. 

  • Budget - Two Budget modifications are allowed per year. Budget modifications are only necessary if there is more than a 10% difference in a line item from what was approved. No changes in budget are permitted after the last day of the third quarter (March 31st). 

  • Projected Participants and Service Hours - Grantees may request changes to the projected participants to be served or service hour projections only once a year during December - January.  


Locations – Locations must be created and linked to each activity created and reported on, including work site placements for Career Access strategies.  


Participants – The participant must have a signed Release of Information before being created with the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Race/Ethnicity, Gender Identity. Only Early Childhood strategies may create and report on Adult Participants who are parents/caregivers of young children residing in Oakland. 


NEW! Upload Tool for Youth Participants - This is a new option for uploading Youth Participants data en masse instead creating youth participants one by one in the GMS. Please review the demonstration video prior to using this feature.   


Group Activities – Services provided to a group of participants. Must create a schedule, enroll youth into the group activity, and enter service data.  


Individual Activities - Services provided to an individual without a preset schedule.


Internships & Employment – Only available to Career Access strategies to report on time worked and payments to youth.


Activities without Personal Information – Use to report on events, such as showcases, where the program will not collect demographic data or release of information from participants. This activity type will not be linked to SOW-Service Projections because these projection are on only for enrolled participants.     


If you have further questions after viewing the recorded presentations, please contact the Cityspan helpdesk at support@cityspan.com or 866-469-6884 (Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM, PST)