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Evaluation Reports

Every year, OFCY contracts with an outside vendor to conduct an annual independent evaluation of OFCY programs. The reports from the 2016-2019 funding cycle can be accessed through the links below.


2018-2019 OFCY Evaluation Report

The report for 2018-2019 is arranged in three sections. Click the links below to access the report:

1)    Section A: Main Evaluation Report: Fund-level Impact for OFCY in 2018-19

2)    Section B: Funding Strategies: Seven strategy-level analyses (combined)

3)    Section C: Program Level: 146 Program-level “Profiles” of performance and outcomes

 FY2018 2019 evaluation cover2


SPR produced a mid-year report for 2018-2019 on program performance that was reviewed by the POC in spring 2019:


2017-2018 OFCY Evaluation Reports

Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) evaluated six out of seven OFCY strategies in FY2017-2018. 


SPR also produced two learning papers looking more closely at two OFCY strategies. 


Public Profit evaluated the School Based After School Strategy in FY2017-2018.  


2016-2017 OFCY Evaluation Reports

Social Policy Research Associates evaluated six out of seven OFCY strategies in FY2016-2017. 


Public Profit evaluated the School Based After School Strategy in FY2016-2017.  


2016-2017 OFCY Strategy Summaries

The following strategy level summaries are excerpts from the full 2016-2017 evaluation reports. 


For Prior Year OFCY Evaluation Reports, please click here