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Evaluation Reports


Every year, OFCY contracts with an outside vendor to conduct an annual independent evaluation of OFCY programs. The reports from the 2016-2019 funding cycle can be accessed through the links below.


2018-2019 OFCY Evaluation Reports

Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) is evaluating all 146 programs in all seven of OFCY's funding strategies in FY2018-2019. The draft final report was presented on October 16, 2019 to the Planning and Oversight Committee's Evaluation subcommittee, and will be presented to the full POC on November 6, 2019.


Draft 2018-2019 Evaluation Report Available Now

The report for 2018-2019 will be presented to POC for approval in November and to City Council for adoption in December 2019. The report is arranged in three sections:

1)    Section A: Main Evaluation Report: Fund-level Impact for OFCY in 2018-19

2)    Section B: Funding Strategies: Seven strategy-level analyses

3)    Section C: Program Level: 146 Program-level “Profiles” of performance and outcomes


Click Here for Sections A & B: Main Report & Strategy Findings

Click Here for Section C: Program Profiles

 FY2018 2019 evaluation cover2


SPR produced a mid-year report for 2018-2019 on program performance that was reviewed by the POC in spring 2019:


2017-2018 OFCY Evaluation Reports

Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) evaluated six out of seven OFCY strategies in FY2017-2018. 


SPR also produced two learning papers looking more closely at two OFCY strategies. 


Public Profit evaluated the School Based After School Strategy in FY2017-2018.  


2016-2017 OFCY Evaluation Reports

Social Policy Research Associates evaluated six out of seven OFCY strategies in FY2016-2017. 


Public Profit evaluated the School Based After School Strategy in FY2016-2017.  


2016-2017 OFCY Strategy Summaries

The following strategy level summaries are excerpts from the full 2016-2017 evaluation reports. 


For Prior Year OFCY Evaluation Reports, please click here