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What We Fund

OFCY funds many different programs that provide direct services to children and youth, ages 0-21, throughout the City of Oakland.


Funding is based on the strategic frameworks established in OFCY's Strategic Investment Plans.


Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are released to implement the strategies identified in the three-year plans, providing annual funding and renewals in years two and three. City Council has approved grant funding to 79 agencies, administering 154 programs, with funding of nearly $20 million for 2019-2020. The list of programs funded and information on their programs can be found here


OFCY uses 90% of funds for grants for direct services for Oakland children and youth, and 10% for administration including staffing, evaluation, grant management and strategic planning. We work with individual agencies as well as collaborations of public and non-profit partners. Programs currently funded by OFCY focus on the four legislative goals of Measure D:


1.      Support the healthy development of young children

2.      Help children and youth succeed in school and graduate high school

3.      Prevent and reduce violence, crime and gang involvement among children

4.      Help youth transition to a productive adulthood