OFCY Program Locations Maps

OFCY-funded programs have projected that they will provide programming to over 26,000 Oakland children and youth, and over nearly 5,000 parents and caregivers in 2019-2020, at over 200 different locations throughout Oakland but primarily concentrated in the flatland neighborhoods.

Over half of the programs sites are located at a public school site in Oakland. Overwhelmingly, the sites with multiple OFCY-funded locations are Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) K-12 sites. Each dot on the map below represents one program at a location; sites with multiple programs within one block are represented by a numbered dot indicated the number of programs that identified the location as a service site.

 OFCY Program Map 2019 2020

Click the links below to look at maps and lists of program sites by City Council district. You can find more information on Oakland’s council district boundaries at by clicking this link here.

As programs start to report on their activities and services in 2019-2020, OFCY will work to update these maps during the year in order to accurately reflect where services are provided.