Contract Documents

The following documents are necessary to complete a contract amendment with the City of Oakland. If you have questions or concerns about these policies, contact Janice Edwards at, Chantal Reynolds at, Scott Kim at, or Terry Hill at

FY2017 - 2018 Required Documents 

  1. FY2017 - 2018 Contract Amendment Documents Checklist
  2. Combined Grants Schedule
  3. Schedule E - Project Consultants Team
  4. Schedule O - Acknowledgment of City of Oakland Campaign Contributions
  5. Schedule Q Insurance Requirements
  6. Proof of Insurance 
  7. Oakland Business Tax Certificate (City and State grantees are not required to submit this document)   
  8. Pre-Contract Disclosure

Additional Information

  1. Living Wage Official Notice
  2. OFCY Logo
  3. Cityspan Scope of Work Modification Instructions