Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) evaluates all funded programs at the grantee and strategy level through third party independent evaluators.

Social Policy Research Associates will provide FY2016-2017 evaluations for the following strategies:

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultations
  • Parent Support and Education
  • Student Engagement in Learning
  • Year-Round Youth Development and Empowerment 
  • Summer Youth Development and Empowerment 
  • Career Awareness and Academic Support for Older Youth

Public Profit will also continue to evaluate all programs in the strategy School Based After School. This evaluation of school-based afterschool programs is jointly funded with the Oakland Unified School District as part of the City of Oakland's partnership with the school district in support of high quality elementary and middle school afterschool programs for Oakland students.



We want to give a voice to all OFCY participants, including those who will complete their program before the spring survey administration. For this reason, the OFCY evaluators are requesting that participants fill out the survey when they complete their program at any point in the year if you know that they will not return in the spring. Please use the links below to access the appropriate survey guidelines and survey instruments for your program. If you are not sure which survey your program should use, please refer to the OFCY 2016-2017 SPR Evaluation - Program Survey Assignments document. Surveys should be returned in person or mailed to:

Shelley Kuang
Social Policy Research Associates
1333 Broadway, Suite 310, Oakland, CA, 94612

The final deadline for survey submission is Friday, May 26, 2017. The survey guidelines provide further instructions on how to administer the survey.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Programs Survey Documents

Parent Support and Education Programs Survey Documents

Youth Development and Empowerment Programs Survey Documents

Student Success in School Programs Survey Documents

Career Awareness and Academic Support Programs Survey Documents


It's that time of year again! 2016-17 Oakland School-Based After School youth surveys are now live. Survey emails with online links (or PDF documents, if your site was one of the handful to request a hard copy) went out on Wednesday, March 15 and were sent to Site Coordinators and Agency Directors to keep everyone in the loop. Along with the surveys, the email contained an FAQ and two documents - printable ID cards and an alphabetical roster - with youths' Cityspan ID numbers.

We ask youth to enter their Cityspan ID (or basic demographic information, if no Cityspan number is available) in order to link youths' survey responses to their academic records later on. This linkage helps us test the School-Based After School theory of action: that youth who participate more frequently feel more positively about after school and experience more positive outcomes. Sites can distribute the Cityspan ID cards to youth survey takers or can use the alphabetical roster; the important thing if to help youth enter that number correctly. Refer to the FAQ document for more information.

New this year is an expanded set of survey response options. Instead of a simple "yes" or "no," youth of all ages can now choose from a set of five answer choices. This change accomplishes two important things: first, it increases youth voice in the evaluation, and second, it aligns after school surveys to school day ones (like the CORE and CHKS surveys - which both use this same set of answer choices). See the FAQ document for more information.

Surveys will be due on Friday, May 5 - so please be sure to plan early for how and when they'll get done at your site. For any questions, comments, or requests for assistance, don't be shy - please feel free to be in touch with Public Profit: Email, or call (510) 835-1669 x 209.

Most Recent Evaluation Reports and Program Profiles

Both 15-16 Final Reports below were approved by the Planning and Oversight Committee on 11/2/2016 and are being forwarded to Oakland City Council for adoption.  

2015-2016 OFCY Final Report - Social Policy Research Associates

  * 2015-2016 Program Profiles - Social Policy Research Associates

2015-2016 Final School-Based After School Evaluation Report - Public Profit 

2015-2016 Program Profiles - Public Profit 

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