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OFCY Funding


The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth was established in November 1996, when Oakland’s voters passed the Kids First! Initiative, amending the City Charter to set aside funds to support direct services to youth under 21 years of age for a twelve-year period.

The fund was reauthorized in 2009 for a second 12-year cycle. Measure D set funding at 3% of the City's unrestricted General Purpose Fund. Legislation requires that 90% of these funds are provided as grants for direct services in support of Oakland children and youth from birth through 21 years of age. In 2019-2020, OFCY awarded 154 program grants totaling $19.8 million in annual funds. The fund was reauthorized again by City Council in 2020 for a third 12-year period.

OFCY provides grants to non-profit and government agencies through a three-year funding cycle, with funding guided by a Strategic Investment Plan and solicited through an open Request for Proposal process.

Funding for FY 2019-2022 (July 1 2019 to June 30 2022) was approved by Oakland City Council in spring and summer 2019. Programs began services in the new three-year cycle in summer 2019. Grants are for one year, and can be renewed in years two (2020-2021) and three (2021-2022) with council approval.