What We Fund

The OFCY funds many different programs that provide direct services to children and youth, ages 0-20,  throughout the city of Oakland. OFCY uses 90% of funds for grants for direct services for Oakland children and youth, and 10% for administration including staffing, evaluation, grant management and strategic planning. We work with individual agencies as well as collaborations of public and non-profit partners. Programs currently funded by OFCY focus on the four legislative goals of Measure D:

    1.      Support the healthy development of young children

    2.      Help children and youth succeed in school and graduate high school

    3.      Prevent and reduce violence, crime and gang involvement among children

    4.      Help youth transition to a productive adulthood


For a list of FY15-16 OFCY funded programs by strategy, please click here. 

OFCY 2014-2015 Program Guide - The guide lists organizations funded by OFCY in FY2014-2015 to support direct services to children and youth in Oakland.


Strategy Area I: Healthy Development of Young Children

The first years of life set the stage for lifelong learning.  Early intervention and supports for families or young children can set the stage for the healthy development of young children and their future outcomes.

1) Mental Health and Developmental Consultations in Early Care & Education

2) Parent and Child Engagement in Early Learning & Development

3) Pre-Kindergarten Summer Camp


Strategy Area II: Supporting Student Success in School

The strategy area of Support for Student Success in School includes three funding initiatives that support the transformative goals of the community schools movement in Oakland and contribute directly to positive outcomes for children and youth.

4) School-based after school programming for elementary & middle school children

5) Transition Programs for Youth into Middle and High School

6) Youth Leadership in Community Schools


Strategy Area III: Youth Leadership and Community Safety

Strategies in this area are designed to provide safe and supportive environments for youth with enriching, high quality programming, and to nurture youth leadership to become involved in community service and activities that help increase safety in parks and public spaces while promoting greater overall community health and safety.

7) Community-Based Out-of-School Time Programs

8) Summer Programs

9) Youth Leadership and Community Safety


Strategy Area IV: Transition to Adulthood

The Transition to Adulthood strategy area addresses two critical needs facing youth as they grow into self-sufficient adults: understanding of and connections to the workforce, and the skills and qualifications - including academic credentials - to be able to achieve their career goals. The two funding strategies in this area are targeted to serve youth with high needs in Oakland and to address academic and workforce needs facing youth in the city.

10) Youth Career and Workforce Development

11) Academic Support for Older Youth

12) Safe Space for LGBTQ Youth


For the complete Strategic Investment Plan for FY2013-2016, please visit the Strategic Plan section of this website